Posted by: Montola | February 25, 2009


The visit to The Company P was very interesting; we got to see their Dollplay set and had a good long talks with lead writer Mike Pohjola and CEO/Producer Christopher Sandberg. We got a bagful of beans we can’t spill yet.

The cool thing with Dollplay is that the P:s background in immersive and theatrical role-playing games means that it’s not all about puzzles and intellectual problems. They used the word emo/riddle to convey some of the game challenges: Hazel Rose really is in a small box, and the players trying to help her really need to deal with her emotions as well.

When the players started the game, they actually took a sadistic stance towards the girl-in-the-box, trying to experiment with the limits of interactivity through trying to scare Hazel and basically drive her nuts. After some crying and yelling, Hazel won the player sympathies, and now they are actually trying to sort things out. This first emo/riddle was simple: The first step of getting out is trying to calm down.

Then it gets more complicated.

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