Posted by: Stenros | March 24, 2009

Beyond the Screen

Here are the slides from our GDC presentation Beyond the Screen: Principles of Pervasive Game Design. Pervasive games (or at least what we consider pervasive games) have been popping up quite frequently in the presentations here. People still have dozens of different names for what we call pervasive games (everything from big games to location-specific games and ARGs to cross media games) so the connections are not always instantly obvious, but we are quite excited that so many of the keynotes have talked about these kinds of games and activities. We have been active in this field for such a long time that it is possible to lose sigh of what is happening in the rest of the world and these kinds of places serve as a reality check. I’m just very happy that we so are not the only ones who find this field super exciting.

The three happy presenters

The three happy presenters

Edit 1: Annika added the above photo.

Edit 2: Fixed the problems in the slideshow. All slides should work now.


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