Posted by: Stenros | April 23, 2009

Designing Pervasive Larps

Last weekend at Knutepunk 2009 we gave a presentation on pervasive games with the emphasis on designing pervasive larps. We had prepared a slidest (above) on designing pervasive games (based on the article we wrote for the conference book), but we ended up going through forts the slides we created for GDC and then this new set as well… We were talking pretty fast.

If you have read the article and seen the GDC presentation, then there is pretty much only one new thing in the presentation and even that is just formulation. We have been saying for years that the reason why people enjoy pervasive games is because “pervasive games bring the playfulness of game to ordinary life and the pleasurable immediacy and tangibility of ordinary life to game”. But why would a designer decide to opt for pervasiveness? We argued that the designer can make her game more real by making the game pervasive and she can create a dialogue with the society by making her game pervasive.

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