Posted by: Montola | May 6, 2009

Experiences on Location Aggregators?

Not a month goes by without an LBG landing on my table in some form. Concepts, evaluations, research papers, whatever. But there’s one very promising thing I haven’t seen so far in any location-based game: Aggregated position data. I mean the services like Navizon and Skyhook Wireless that combine data gathered through GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation to allow better guesses on where you actually are.

How do they work for location-based games? Does anyone reading this blog have any practical experience or research papers on these services?

I mean; do you experience teleportation when you switch from GPS to WiFi positioning? Do they slurp your battery in a nanosecond? Would the use of these services kill your budget for good, or could you even finance your game through selling data to Navizon? Can these services allow you to create a game that works excellently if you have GPS, but also adequately with only WiFi and GSM?

Considering the fact that all the other positioning alternatives have their huge problems, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any LBG research on this. Should be some kind of a priority for techies. While we wait for Galileo to come and save us all.


  1. To be honest, it’s not like I expected anyone to know these things by heart. But if you are planning an LBG, you really should.

    – M

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