Posted by: Montola | June 5, 2009

Serious Game for the Day

roombaI discovered developed a new serious game for house cleaning. Goes like this:

  1. Buy a Roomba vacuum cleaner.
  2. Let it loose in a messy flat full of stuff it should not eat or bump into.
  3. Prevent it from getting stuck or breaking anything.

Considering the fact that Roomba seems to randomize its movement patterns, it is hilariously unpredictable. Had to literally run around to accomplish the task.

And an hour later, my home is sparkling clean, at least compared to day before.


PS. Only when I looked for a photo for this entry, I read up on the less charming products also developed by iRobot. Take a moment to compare the aesthetics of these two pages.


  1. I have one … but its best function is as an amusing household pet during dinner parties, everyone wants to play with it!

  2. Unfortunately that game is done all too quickly. The next, longer-term game is trying to foresee and neutralize the one or two small places or things in your flat where Roomba gets stuck before it happens.

    We have one whenever we have laundry drying on the rack-thingie, and found out about the problem early enough. A friend of mine had one such spot between his front door and the nearest radiator. He found out about it when Roomba got stuck there. The friend was out at the time, and Roomba effectively blocked him out of the apartment for good — well, until roomba’s chassis gave out when he forced himself in. :)

  3. I have two fairly “identical” armchairs. One of them is a Roomba-trap, the other is not. The carpet is not the reason.

    I suppose one of them is a few millimeters off, to be high enough to let it in and small enough to not let it out.

    – M

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