Posted by: Montola | June 11, 2009

Insider Looks at Running The Games

It seems that in this business you just can’t google enough. The white whale of the business is The Game tradition, with its totally ungooglable key words. “The Game” yields you a rapper and “game control” returns various game controllers. So, I’m not surprised that I learned of the existence of the GC Summit events only today.

The event looks a lot like a tiny Knutepunkt of The Game community, which is intended as a compliment. The really cool thing is that they have their video presentatations online (2009, 2008 and 2007). Great insider looks at the thing; it is very interesting to hear The Gamers speak about their thing in their own vernacular.

Puzzle solving in Shinteki Decathlon 4

Puzzle solving in Shinteki Decathlon 4

Also, in a Knutepunkt style, some Gamers have also decided to get a living out of their passion. The open games of Shinteki seem to draw upon the puzzle end of the tradition and run for some $100 per person in San Francisco.

Photo courtesy of Scott and Karina’s Photo Gallery (Creative Commons).


  1. Hi Markus–

    Glad you enjoyed the GC Summit videos! It’s great to read about the wider community of “pervasive games” all around the world. Feel free to contact Team Snout if you ever make it out to the west coast of the USA.


  2. Thanks — unfortunately we didn’t have this discussion in spring, when we were in San Francisco GDC.

    – M

  3. […] I also regret never attending ARGFest-o-Con or those GC Summits, it’s a different kind of regret. A researcher of these things should use every opportunity […]

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