Posted by: Stenros | June 17, 2009

Buzzword Bingo


A collegue recently ordered some business cards from In addition to each stack she received a gift coupon containing a simple game or a riddle. One of them was the classic buzzword bingo (I’ve always known the game as bullshit bingo, but maybe you don’t want to print that on your customer loyalty coupons). It is an elegant example of a simple pervasive game when played at random lectures and presentations. Also, this is the best attempt to monetize on this folk game that I have seen.



  1. Buzzword bingo is, by the way, one of the pervasive games that have been popularized in other media. And even better, no other than Dilbert itself.

    Even though I find it funny that even though Dilbert went for Buzzword Bingo, at least in Finland everyone seems to know it as Bullshit Bingo

    – M

  2. Finns are honest people. Or should i say – straightforward.

  3. […] has some ancestry in Buzzword Bingo — here’s the missing […]

  4. […] I played BackChatter at Digra. It is a pervasive conference game, sort of like a combination of Bullshit Bingo and Twitter. The conference is divided into 14 rounds (based on the paper sessions) and before each […]

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