Posted by: Stenros | June 30, 2009

Beyond the Book

We have confirmation that two people (on two different continents), who had pre-ordered the book, have now received it. Fantastic! Thus it is time to start rolling out the “beyond the book” resources. The first of these is the beyond the book page on this blog, which is supposed to function as a sort of table of contents. There is more stuff on the way (such as a tech appendix, full contributor information, etc).

In other news, my summer holiday starts today. I’ll be blogging a little bit less in the upcoming weeks. However, I doubt that I will be able to stop completely…


  1. Heheh, that’s funny, I just dropped by to say I received the book, and it looks great :) Packed with info about people doing weird things around the world.

  2. Thank you, happy to hear that!

    If you love the book, you can show it by reviewing it somewhere. If you hate it… well, then I agree it’s not worth your time to review something you find useless anyway. ;-)

    (We are feedback-o-holics; every review is nice, whether it’s a journal, Amazon, some random forum or local magazine. Matthijs, we even loved you bashing Beyond Role and Play back in 2004.)

    – Markus

  3. Feedback is the best thing ever.

    I’ve skimmed the book and dipped into some articles here and there, and omgz, you’ve covered an amazing breadth of topics. It’s quite daunting – this could easily have been a series of smaller books. Very impressed.

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