Posted by: Montola | July 27, 2009

Review #2: Pettersson

Every year I spend a week rowing around some Finnish lakes with a choir, singing in small local churches. Living in the great outdoors, skinny-dipping from a boat in the middle of a lake and building tents on desolate islands. It’s a great way to recharge batteries.

Half of a choir in a churchboat

Churchboats used to be important conveyances in Finnish lakeland. This year my choir only needed two of them.

Hitting the keyboard again I was more than pleased to see Juhana Pettersson’s review of Pervasive Games. He’s a personal friend of ours, but also the producer of videogame TV-show Tilt, the editor-in-chief of the Finnish role-playing magazine Roolipelaaja and the author of Roolipelimanifesti.

Here’s Juhana’s brief Amazon review, titled “An excellent book about a difficult subject”:

Pervasive games are both the most interesting, complex and artistically revolutionary new form of games today, and the hardest to understand. Montola and Stenros’s book answers a deep demand for a comprehensive, readable account of the subject. I was getting quite tired of googling these games and trying to understand them based on scraps and indecipherable reports. I welcome the book both because I need it for my work and because it’s interesting stuff.

He gives us 5/5 stars.

Photo by Mox Soini.


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