Posted by: Montola | August 21, 2009

World’s Largest Board Game?

candylandWe’ve sometimes joked that San Francisco is the pervasive gaming capital of the world. They have Go Game, they have Jane McGonigal’s cool stuff, they have the people of the Fourth Wall Studios and they have a vibrant The Game -culture producing loads of Games of different sizes, and they always have a lot of flash mob type carnival stuff. The games industry powerful enough to draw in The GDC every year doesn’t hurt either.

This time, they have what is called the world’s largest board game, a street sized version of Eleanor Abbot’s classic Candyland board game. Whether it is the world’s largest board game is a bit a matter of definition; it might possibly be the biggest direct street version of a board game, since most other similar games are either pervasive adaptations, like Monopoly Live (internet archive), or specially designed street-size “board games”, like the Big Urban Game.

Anyway, Candyland even made it to the news even in Finland, where the board game is not well known at all.

Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes (CC).


  1. I am so envious of the people who live in San Francisco and have the possibility run into all this pervasive stuff. I wouldn’t mind running into Will Wright’s robots…

    Wired wrote:

    “We’ve been building strange little things and taking them out in public to see what happens,” he says. For instance, they put a smashed-up robot on the street and set up a hidden camera nearby. “As people walked past, it would beg for help,” Wright says. Some ignored the injured automaton. Some stopped to talk to it. And some picked it over for salvageable parts.

  2. Yeah.. and someone said that a lot of cool iPhone pervasive & game stuff comes from there, too.

    Then again, I suppose it’s not easy to come by a cool Nordic larp project in there. :-)

    – M

  3. […] continued my search.  I found an article from August about a Green Bay Packers Game.  One about a life-sized Candyland game in San Fransisco, and something called “Galaxion” that claims to be “the […]

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