Posted by: Stenros | August 24, 2009

Robots in Disguise


Somebody has carved the autobot symbol from Transformers on a tram track in Helsinki. Is this some new form of street art, metal tagging, or guerilla marketing for the recent Transformers 2 film? The tag is located on Aleksanterinkatu accross the street from Aleksi 13. I’m pretty sure that Optimus Prime with his strict moral code is not to blame — the street is reserved for public transportation and taxis, strictly no trucks allowed.

There Be Autobots Here


  1. Are you supposed to bold fictional characters like Optimus Prime?

    If not, how does proper grammar deal with uncertainty in this regard — should you bold Jessica Rose and Jeanine Salla if you don’t know whether they exist?

    We actually had to think about this kind of stuff when we wrote the book…

    – M

  2. Indeed. We realized even back then that the discussions we had were hilarious even if we were, hm, seriously considering the issue. What about Hakim Bey? Ninjalicious? Posterchild? Ken Saro-Wiva when he is a character in Momentum?

    I’m not going to decide what is and isn’t “real”. Optimus Prime is much more real to me than, say, Jimmy Carter.

  3. Is it carved into steel? That sounds hard to accomplish. If you put a coin on the tracks and let the tram roll over, it wouldn’t leave a scratch on the tracks.

  4. Yes, it is carved into steel. And yes, it looks rather hard to accomplish. Especially as Aleksanterinkatu is the main shopping street in Helsinki. How does one do that without being noticed? The tracks were renovated recently, though. Maybe it was the construction workers…

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