Posted by: Montola | August 25, 2009

Review #3: Noyons

Maarten Noyons is a founder and the CEO of The International Mobile Gaming Awards. Among the other activities, IMGA is organizing a pervasive games festival called Playground in Marseille, France, in September 2010 (more on that when there’s something to know).

His Amazon review is titled “Inspiring, rich and important”, and this is what he writes:

Pervasive Games, Theory and Design was a very inspiring read, Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros and Annika Waern have succeeded in compiling their vast knowledge of this emerging genre in a great book. It is very rich in information and also practical; the book will be used as a reference by many professionals and amateurs in their efforts to work in this field.

I enjoyed the first Chapter Theory. The organisation in genres is very well done. The chapters Design and Society are very useful, the games are very well described.

I think the book is an important milestone and I would like to thank the authors for their hard work. Pervasive games are the future and this book definitely helps game designers, publishers, operators, marketeers, OEM’s and others to think about these games and to create them. So, if you don’t want miss out, buy this book and read it!

He gives us full 5/5 stars.

We try to blog every review we see — see earlier: HarviainenPettersson.


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