Posted by: Stenros | September 9, 2009

Deleted Scenes

The tech appendix and full contributor bios are now online. They were originally supposed to be included in the book, but due to the “economic downturn” (I love that phrase) the page count of the book had to be dropped. So we cut out the least important stuff. The tech appendix, or actually The Technological Enablers of Pervasive Games provides a rough overview on the current state of the art of positioning, proximity recognition, and wireless communication technologies useful in staging pervasive games. This was cut out as we predict that it is the part that dates the fastest. Still, even if a pervasive game can be staged with no technology at all, especially large-scale games and game-mastered games often utilize some of the technologies covered in this appendix. And we are happy that we can now offer that chapter.

The contributor bios are, I think, for the most part vanity pages. Yes, they have a role in ensuring the reader that the people who wrote the book know what they talk about, yet often they seem like bragging. They are now available as well, and a good thing too – we have such a great group of contributors, that I don’t mind bragging just a little bit.

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