Posted by: Stenros | September 25, 2009

Four Random Things for a Friday

I recently organized my bookmarks. In the process I ran into a number of things I had marked as possible blogging fodder, but which never made it as none of them amounted to a full entry. Well, now here is a random selection:


This image comes from the Wikipedia article on The Game. It was taken by Jason Mouratides at San Diego Comic Con last year. It always cheers me up, I don’t know why. I realize that it has started to symbolize somekind of coy playfulness to me – and I no longer automatically lose the game when I look at it. Weird.


This is the most preposterous example of rickrolling that I know of, rickrolling as a puzzle. It’s a student prank at MIT: the seven first notes of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up added to the side of the building. Photo by Greg Steinbrecher.


People living in a sewer below Las Vegas.  Reading the article in The Sun, looking at the pictures and especially watching the film on the page I was reminded of what Ninjalicious wrote about the etiquette of urban exploration in Access All Areas: If you run into residents while exploring, it is importnat to treat them with respect. Even if they are fellow trespassers, they actually live there. Photo by Austin Hargrave.


According to Wikipedia, bentō is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Apparently this is kyaraben (aka charaben) where bento is arranged elaborately to look like a diorama. And no, this is in no way pervasive. In fact it is pretty much the opposite of pervasive. But it’s just too cute let slip by. Bento by AnnaTheRed.

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  1. first and third make this my fav post of all times. and yes all these things are linked, and not quite and yet still, and I love to see how you make same kind of associations. <3<3

  2. […] on Pervasive Games: Random things for a Tuesday and for a Friday. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Lose/Lose game deletes files as you playRetired […]

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