Posted by: Montola | October 29, 2009

Pervasivity + Disability Continued

Following Steve Payette’s Facebook stream, I picked two more things to follow-up on his guest story on disability and pervasive games.

First one, a video of Extreme Wheel Chair Driving, something like skateboarding meets parkour on wheel chairs. Looks like something that puts you into one.

Another prototype I picked from Steve is Demor, a GPS shooter game for blind and sighted players. I think it’s an accessibility concept prototype, about sound-based 3D interaction. It’s not really a pervasive one; you just need an open field to play it, wear the gear, listen up and shoot based on sounds. I suppose blind players have an advantage in that they hear better, but sighted players can see their environment which might make them move more confidently.


Virtual building blocks your vision in TimeWarp

Pervasive games for disabled are surprisingly relevant for augmented reality gaming: If you dream of creating pervasive games for wearable AR devices, check out the Fraunhofer FIT paper on TimeWarp by Iris Herbst et al., and learn how clunky AR helmet restricts your vision, how sunshine blinds you and how the graphics simply prevent you from seeing things. Add sound effects to that, and the worst case AR street game makes you effectively blind and deaf anyway!

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