Posted by: Montola | November 3, 2009

Facebook Pervasivity

Check out The Prototype Experience by two Belgian companies, an “alternative marketing agency” Sponge and “creative bureau” One Million Dollars. The Prototype Experience is simultaneously an ad for the console game Prototype and a very compelling demo on how to use Facebook connect for using your life to add a bit of pervasive spice to empower an experience.

Try it out, the really nice, immersive, creepy trick takes just a few minutes of your life.


The gloomy world of Prototype

No US phone number needed, but you have to have a Facebook account.


  1. Heh. Simple trick, but one that is nicely executed.

  2. Simple is Beautiful.

    The reason for blogging that is that you can now start imagining all the other possibilites for FB datamining. I mean — the data is all there, and your player has already sorted and prepared it for your effective use.

    – Markus

  3. It won’t load for me – possibly because I only have a dummy Facebook account with no pictures. Looks interesting from what I can read about it elsewhere, though.

  4. That’s the reason, I’d say, Matthijs.

    – M

  5. Excellent!

  6. interesting use of facebook data!

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