Posted by: Montola | November 6, 2009


secretcphThere is a secret coming to Copenhagen, a courier carrying a thingy that stays in from the 8th to the 22nd of November. Looks like the thing will include a variety of tasks from flashmobby to killeresque, treasurehuntlike and even ARGish. Cellphones and barcodes are involved, and I wouldn’t rule out an occasional playful public performance either.

I have no real clue, but we have a scout on the site, so if it’s cool, we’ll hopefully get a witness report.

So, Danes, go sign up on the home page, and check out the streams and groups at Twitter and Facebook.

First come first serve.


  1. “occasional playful PUBIC performance”

    This is getting a bit too pervasive for me!

  2. Took about one minute to get that comment from two directions, Mike and Troels. :-)

    – M

  3. Oh.. as Troels pointed out in FB, the company behind SecretCPH seems to be Ludic Nation. Never heard, but looks very interesting:

    “We’re a games company – if by games you mean entertainment with play at its heart. Which would be lucky, because that’s just how we mean it.

    We have a range of games and ideas that we’re going to lay out – from single reader, location based fiction, passing through tailor made small team role playing games, going right the way up to large, community played alternate reality games.

    We plan to make games which work on a single platform – the real world.

    One way or another, we’re going to have a lot of fun, make a lot of games and, maybe, find a new audience for them.”

    There’s a blog too.

    – M

  4. The game’s been running since sunday and is so far very entertaining.

    The have been clue’s to find, registration to one of three different agent-teams with different training missions for all three – my team had to take pictures of ourself being men & women of action, another team had a code to break, finally we’re doing yet some more photo shoots this time showing our stealth skills and choosing a secret hideout (where the game organizers tell us they will leave messages and perhaps give the other teams a possibility to discover so they can leave false clues for us). Oh yeah – and apparantly a courier is in copenhagen – I haven’t heard of any sightings by players yet though.

    We have been warned that the game will speed up during the weekend, so there might be more updates in a few days.

    The players are of course for a large part the usual suspects – at least 2/3 are roleplayers who are happy to finally have an arg-ish game to delve into to after reading and hearing about it for years :)

  5. Troels,

    Thanks for the update!

    I’d so be one of those roleplayers if I was there..

    – M

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