Posted by: Montola | November 19, 2009

The Errors of Our Ways

We started collecting errata, finally. Call it wishful thinking, but I hope to see a corrected edition of the book some day. Though — “independence” or “interdependence”, almost the same thing anyway.

A few Danes can probably appreciate this irony: In the larp Tre grader av uskyld even extras players had to pay steep participation fees. However, we naturally typoed that the extras players created “Tarantino-esque gameplay for a handful of payers”…

We are grateful for any help making our wishful dream happen, so if you find errors, please let us know. Of course, we also need to sell out the first printing to make that happen, so, be advised that Pervasive Games: Theory and Design makes an excellent Christmas present or a coursebook, and also serves as a passable conversation piece for anyone who’s deep enough to be reading this blog.


  1. And to be a real nitpicker – the game was called “3 grader af uskyld” and not “3 grader av uskyld”.

  2. Thank you, Troels. :-)

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