Posted by: Stenros | November 23, 2009

Play, voluntary

What happens when someone in a marketing department sees what Improv Everywhere is doing and wants to cash in. I could bear this for 60 seconds. I dare you to watch the whole thing.


  1. You saw a minute, you saw it all. They did recruit some half a dozen outsider-looking people in the end.

    I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong in here — could be the uniform shirts that make the thing appear very pre-arranged right from the start, could be the non-public place, could be the people who perhaps don’t do it for fun, could be the lack of dramatic progression, could be the super-simple hand clapping choreography…

    (We blogged the correct way of pulling this stunt earlier).

    – M

  2. For me the problem is that these people do not look like they are doing it because it is fun. They look like they have been forced. Play, at least by one definition, is voluntary. If it is not, then it ceases to be play. This clip does not look playful. At least not during the first 60 seconds.

  3. I also love how so many of the customers in the store look utterly bored by the whole thing.

  4. I tried to watch it again, this time while slightly drunk. 45 seconds.

  5. It reminds me of those Christian pep rallies in public places, where people sing and smile and dance to show everyone how much fun Jesus is. There’s a complete disconnect that the perceiver gets immediately, unless they’re already in a Jesus-is-fun state of mind.

  6. I love the fact that Jaakko posted this under “Inspiration”. :-)

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