Posted by: Stenros | January 13, 2010

Ludic Aspects of Copenhagen Life

I just got back from a seminar in Copenhagen hosted by The IT University and mostly organized by Hanna Wirman. The title was Ludic Aspects of Everyday Life. Unsurprisingly pervasive stuff came up a few times.

Dan Dixon from the University of West England talked about Everyday Aesthetics, Gameplay and the Ludic Life. He expanded on the work he presented last year in Oslo, looking at the aesthetic nature of individual experiences in games. He outlined a way of looking at games using de Certeau, Gadamer and Nietzshe that placed pervasive games not at the border, but dead in the centre!

The other presentation that touched up on pervasive stuff was Find Games, Don’t Design Them: Using Social Practices Against Themselves by Douglas Wilson from ITU and Copenhagen Game Collective. He talked about three games, Collectible Business Card Game, Fuck You, It’s Art and Game Studies Card Game, describing them as reality games. Now, his definition of the term is not exactly the same ours, but it is close enough.

My own presentation was about the Border between Ludic and Ordinary and there was only one slide about pervasive games!

The seminar was very much about work-in-progress, but do check out Dan’s paper and Doug’s games in anticipation of what they will be talking about in the future.

The image is borrowed from the seminar booklet.


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