Posted by: Stenros | January 20, 2010

Can’t read my po-poker-ker face

There is a discussion going on the Digra games network mailing list on what to call games within games. Intradiegetic games was deemed too cumbersome. Other perfectly sensible suggestions have been staged games, minigames and embedded games. However, Robby Ratan won that round with his brilliant coinage: ga-game-me.

When Harmonix gets around to publishing DragStarHero, my handle is totally going to be Lady Gagememe.

Update: Well, my brother points out that you cold just call it a yo dawg.


  1. Lady Gagameme shouldn’t play DragStarHero, but Aki Järvinen’s GameGame

    – M

  2. I have played GameGame, but Aki didn’t like it when we started role-playing it. So I think Lady Gagameme is not allowed at that table…

  3. dolls within dolls, yo dawg.

    That’s, like, pai-paidea-dea, dawg..

    – M

  4. Thanks for the shout. That email thread was a nice diversion from my jury duty that day. …made it kind of like ju-g-ry a du-m-ty-e.
    …i know, i’m dudumbmb.

  5. […] this is the internet and by far our most visited entry is the throw-away joke that mentions “yo dawg” (those two words bring in four times as many people as the different variations of the words […]

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