Posted by: Montola | January 28, 2010

InfanTek ChildChip

Reading the winter gadget catalogue of Teknikmagasinet I made a stunning discovery in terms of pervasive gaming technology: InfanTek ChildChip. People’ve been talking about these things for a few years, but apparently you can now get them off the shelf, for mere €540.

Translating roughly from the Finnish catalogue:

With the InfanTek ChildChip you can follow the movements of your child anywhere. Extremely handy in situations where your child is in the possible danger of getting lost or becoming kidnapped. The GPS chip (SiRFStar III) implant and the accompanying software display the location of the child in real time. The software is directly compatible with Google Maps, so you can see the location on the map (accuracy of 10 meters). You can install the software on a laptop (Win XP/Vista/7 or Mac) or a mobile phone (Symbian, Android or iPhone). Additionally, you can connect the chip directly with social media such as FaceBook, automatically creating status updates based on the location of the child, and the ModeSense-based information (incl. the mood and the diaper status of the child). You can also use the ChildFence function to receive automated text messages whenever the child leaves a predetermined area. For teenagers, the chip features the AdoleSafe function with e.g. curfew settings. The advanced nanotechnology of the ChildChip is powered directly by the child’s bloodstream, so external power source is not needed. The chip must be installed by InfanTek-certified clinic or hospital. NOTE: Installation of the chip is not subsidized by governmental healthcare. The diameter of the chip is 9mm. Software included.

After some two minutes of disbelieved googling I was on the TekniskMagasinet “find the hoax product” competition website…

But I must say that the ChildChip is not the only unbelieveable piece in that catalogue. Other stuff includes everything from iPhone accessories and astronaut pens to fart sprays and sex toys. SemenSpy Deluxe was a new one to me, and I didn’t know they make this fancy spy pens either.

(Update: Someone has already uploaded a scan of advertisement.)


  1. Yes, well, the catalog is called “Prylbibeln” in original Swedish. That translates to Gadget Bible.

  2. I linked you the trackable undies hoax I think year ago – same family or tricks and both would be doable nowdays.

  3. Check this out:

  4. Petter… that’s scary.

    The key phrase: “AT&T FamilyMap can only be established for phones on a single shared billing account, with the account owner overseeing all privacy preferences.”

    I mean.. your company could get a single shared billing account, with the CEO overseeing all privacy preferences!

    – M

  5. But it’s too good to be true. Cause in everyone of they’re catalogues, they have a product that actually doesn’t exist. Customers can find those and win products, and the childchip was one of them.

  6. Too horrid to be true, Yngve, if you ask me. :-)

    – M

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