Posted by: Montola | February 4, 2010

Changing The World

Jane McGonigal continues with network games for changing the world. After World Without Oil and Superstruct, the next instalment seems to be called Evoke. The game targets Africa especially with a ten-week “Crash-Course in Changing the World”, an edugame teaching social innovation. They look into using playfulness in solving the biggest problems of the world, so their themes are nothing less than “hunger, poverty, disease, war and oppression, water access, education, climate change”.

They paint Evoke as an ARG — be sure to pick up the 20+ hidden clues of the trailer — but, as an edugame, also use the reality as a sourcebook. Digging deeper would seem to require a signup.

(The name of the game might be EVOKE, Urgent Evoke or even URGENT EVOKE. Beats me.)


  1. My heart was melting when I saw this game a few days ago. I just love the vision! I am honoured to be a part of a new breed of pervasive game designers that have so beautiful goals.

    It is possible to apply for an EVOKE job here: (Honorarium: $1000 USD, plus an invitation to the EVOKE conference in Washington, DC)

  2. Jacob,

    I also think their thing is really important, interesting and an invaluable avenue for investigation. However, I haven’t seen any research published on WWO or Superstruct, and according to my calendar they should be able to show some results, good or bad, if they did good and proper evaluations of those projects.

    I’d be insanely interested to read analyses and evaluations, not least because Jane has a track record of great papers.

    – Markus

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