Posted by: Stenros | February 15, 2010

Biscuit Safety

Almost 6.000 council workers (apparently mostly in HR and health and safety) fell for a biscuit advertisement posing as a biscuit safety spoof last fall and participated in “workplace biscuit risk assessment test”, according to The Telgraph.

According to the fake biscuit safety organization, 513 people had to be treated last year due to biscuit related injuries (like somebody falling over while reaching for a biscuit). The authoritative language of bureaucracy can be misleading. Kinda reminds me of A Modest Proposal:

Welcome to The British Biscuit Advisory Board (BBAB) – the nation’s first port of call for biscuit related issues, discussion and education. The BBAB act as a bridge between you, the public, and the Government to promote the reputation of the biscuit and snacking sector, making the whole process safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

We love biscuits, who doesn’t? But there is often a hidden danger, be it in the consumption, storage or other, which makes the seemingly harmless pastime of eating biscuits a much more complex affair. Please don’t think of this the BBAB as the biscuit big brother, think of us more as your favourite aunt who’s offering you a biscuit but asks you to be careful.

Time for a tea break!

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