Posted by: Stenros | February 22, 2010

Design Outside the Box

Jesse Schell gave an interesting presentation, Design Outside the Box, at DICE2010. Basically he talks about how game design will reach out of the ghetto of games into the “real world”, how reality has invaded game games, and how point-based incentives will guide our lives. There is some weak argumentation relating to real and authenticity (I don’t really see the connection between organic food and Xbox achievements) and you can pretty much skip the first 11 minutes (unless you are interested in boring stuff like money), but his predictions for the future are inspirational and fall squarely in the must watch category.

Schell’s central message is, actually kinda similar though less benevolent than what Jane McGonigal has been saying for years, that game designers should start designing, well, living.

In that game pervasive game designers are one step ahead. Indeed, in many ways what he describes is the ludic society we prothesize in the final chapter of our book, Schell is just looking at it from a slightly different angle.

Personally I find this presentation reassuring; recently I have been spending time looking at social games on Facebook and it is nice to see that I’m not the only one who thinks it is worthwhile to consider them in the same framework as pervasive games and the numerous examples of ludification in serious contexts.


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