Posted by: Montola | March 15, 2010

Games People Play in PICNIC Festival

Dan Hon, Matt Adams, Kati London and Kevin Slavin in the panel

Apparently there was a really interesting session in Amsterdam PICNIC Festival last fall. Names and companies like these need no further introduction in this blog.

Games People Play with Alice Taylor, Kevin Slavin, Matt Adams, Dan Hon and Kati London. This session features an overview on the current and future state of gaming by Kevin Slavin of Area/Code, followed by a discussion of experts moderated by Alice Taylor of Channel 4.

The panelists include Kati London of Area/Code, Matt Adams of Blast Theory and Dan Hon of Six to Start.

Covering location, alternative and augmented “playful experiences,” the panel discusses audiences, numbers, content and budgets.

Who is playing what, where, when and why?

Thank you, Bjarke!

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