Posted by: Montola | July 7, 2010

Could I Get 5 Minutes, Please?

This has little to do with the topic of our blog, but, since I’m spamming everywhere I can, you are hereby invited to participate in a research. We are studying playful products and experiences at Nokia Research Center, and one task in that is creating evaluation tools for such experiences.

Currently, I’m collecting quantitative data through a survey, which takes you only five minutes to fill in. We are comparing a number of products and experiences, including Foursquare, Google Earth, Nokia Sports Tracker and geocaching from the more pervasive side. Others range from The Sims 3 to Wii Fit.

Thank you for help!

Thank you everyone — link fixed.


  1. Link appears to be broken

  2. The link is broken!

  3. That is certainly a dead link.

  4. Thank you, Peter, David and Josh. It should work now.

    Oh.. Spotify is very well covered now.

    – Markus

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