Posted by: Montola | October 22, 2010

TEDxTransmedia, Nordic Larp

Recently, our research interests have been mostly outside pervasive games, which shows in our pace of updating this blog. We once aimed at 2-3 updates a week, currently once a month seems more realistic. Me and Jaakko, we have been focusing on our next baby, the photography book Nordic Larp, that presents the brilliant Nordic live action role-playing scene.

Even though Nordic larp is not all about pervasive gaming, it’s still close and related. If you appreciate productions such as The Truth about Marika, Dollplay and Conspiracy For Good, you should care about Nordic larp too. See for yourself; the CEO of The company P, Christopher Sandberg, has quite a bit of Nordic larp in his TEDxTransmedia talk.

This is where my two major research interests converge:

You should definitely have a good, long look at the TEDxTransmedia talks: They have Christy Dena, Dan Hon and lots of other smart people.

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