Markus Montola (M.Soc.Sc.) has worked as a researcher both at University of Tampere and at Nokia Research Center (NRC), with pervasive games as one of his main research interests. He is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Tampere with a 3-year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. In addition to writing Pervasive Games, he has coedited two books on larp with Jaakko Stenros: Playground Worlds in 2008 and Beyond Role and Play in 2004.,

Jaakko Stenros (M.Soc.Sc.) is a game researcher at the Game Research Lab at the University of Tampere, Finland. He has studied pervasive games in the EU-funded Integrated Project on Pervasive Games. He is passionate about roleplaying games and larps as a player, game master, and researcher and has coedited two books on the subject: Playground Worlds (2008) and Beyond Role and Play (2004). Before finding his way back to academia he worked as a support manager, technical trainer, and film critic. Currently he lives in Helsinki.

Annika Waern (Ph.D.) works as a research leader in the Mobile Life center at Stockholm University and Game studio director at the Interactive Institute, both in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. She has a long-standing career as a computer science researcher, focusing first on intelligent interfaces and most recently on pervasive games, and has published about 50 articles in conferences, journals, and books. She often supervises Ph.D. and master students and occasionally teaches courses at Stockholm University. She coordinated and led the Integrated Project on Pervasive Games 2004 – 2008. Her other merits include twoand a half years as technical director of the company Gamefederation, developing a platform for online distribution of mobile games.

Here’s the full list and bios of the book contributors.


  1. I recently started reading you blog. It is like therapy for me.

    I started from the beginning in February 2009. Now I have reached to June the 18th-post where you received the book. I just love your work and can not wait to receive the book that is on its way.

    Pervasive Love from Copenhagen

    All the best

  2. I’m reading your book and following this blog at the same time.

    Thank you for giving some guidance and theoretical framework in the very recent realm of pervasive games!

    I’m the author and project manager of an ARG for kids ages 6-12 in France, for Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 franchise. So far, I gained some great insights about how kids engage with a Game.

    I will be writing about that soon, but contact me should it be of interest for your research!

    Best regards,

  3. Thank you Romain!

    As you see the blog is gradually slowing down, as our research interests gravitate away from pervasive games.

    But we hope our stuff is of use to you! :-)

    – Markus

  4. […] a brief discussion of how to define pervasive games – for which I made grateful use of “The Book” by Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros and Annika Waern – I discussed a number of games that I […]

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