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Please Rob Me

Posted by: Waern on March 10, 2010

InfanTek ChildChip

Posted by: Montola on January 28, 2010


Posted by: Stenros on January 21, 2010

Technology in Search for a Job

Posted by: Waern on September 15, 2009

Deleted Scenes

Posted by: Stenros on September 9, 2009

Research on Prosopopeia Larps

Posted by: Montola on August 13, 2009

Technology rant: Hardcore use of the IPhone

Posted by: Waern on July 16, 2009

WarDriving: Early location-based gaming

Posted by: Waern on June 3, 2009

Time Capsule 1991

Posted by: Stenros on June 3, 2009

Pervasive Games at this year’s CHI

Posted by: Waern on May 11, 2009