Posted by: Montola | July 8, 2010

The Conspiracy Hits London

Mark down the dates, Londoners, Conspiracy for Good is coming to town. Four Saturdays in July and August with six hours marked for play, followed up by secret parties for the participants… I’m grounded in Finland, but that’s no excuse for you to not find out what The Company P and  Tim Kring and others have cooked up.

Join us in massive diversions, dodge security guards and surveillance. Find clues in the streets. Bring down the greedy Blackwell Briggs. Sign up for a series of Saturday spectacles in July and August. It is all free of charge.

Apparently you have to register to the events, so I now is the time to sign up for Action One — it takes place on the Saturday of the next week!

These guys did Prosopopeia, Momentum, and Sanningen om Marika: If you live in London, you should treat this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or how many games of this magnitude you think they’ll make in your hood?

I am currently employed by Nokia Research Center.


  1. Conspiracy for good FB stream says: “Don’t forget that tickets for our first London action are extremely limited. We advise you to sign up now at to avoid disappointment… “

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